Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

Just like adventure riders, Sidi’s Adventure Boots blend off-road know-how with good looks and diligence on the street. For those of you who roll over all kinds of terrain, Sidi’s Adventure Boots will keep your feet protected all the way from the driveway to the back roads. The Adventure Rain boots provide a higher degree […]

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Sidi Mag-1 Boots

The Sidi Mag-1 boot has taken up residence right alongside the Sidi Vortice as one of the Italian company’s top-tier race boots. Though the innovative Mag-1 looks nothing like the bionic-ish Vortice, this unassuming boot features some newly developed technologies that make it a truly exceptional road and race boot. We’ll start with the obvious. […]

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Sidi Roarr Boots

The Sidi Roarr Boots are Sidi’s newest road and track sport boots, and offer the best of Sidi’s catalogue of features for a major punch of fit and protection. Among the Roarr’s protection features are Sidi’s flexible Vertebra Achilles protection system, and an external hinged ankle protection system that prevents twisting and side-to-side bending. For a more secure, comfortable, more customized fitment around […]

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