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Sena 10U Bluetooth System

The new Sena 10U is a Bluetooth Headset that is entirely contained within your helmet and completely invisible from the outside. There are four helmet-specific models of the 10U so far, to fit the Shoei Neotec, the Shoei GT-Air, the Schuberth C3 and C3 Pro, and Arai full-face helmets (multiple helmet models), with the expectation that more models will be available in the […]

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Sena 10C Bluetooth Camera and Intercom System

The Sena 10C is the newest action camera on the scene, but it’s also a fully-functional Sena intercom unit. That makes it the first of its kind–intercom AND camera in one, so you can record audio while filming, record mixed audio with your friends while using the intercom function, even narrate your film over streaming […]

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Sena 3S-W, 3S-B Bluetooth System

The Sena 3S-W (wired) and 3S-B (boom) Bluetooth headset systems are simple, compact, and give you quality Bluetooth essentials for an incredible $99 price tag. The 3S systems can intercom with one other rider or connect to your phone to stream music, directions, or to take and make phone calls. There’s no module to attach to the side of […]

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