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RevTech Synthetic MTP Motor Oil

Category: FULL SYNTHETIC RevTech’s got your Harley-Davidson oil change covered. Choose their Synthetic MTP, Pure Advanced, or RevTech High Performance, but whichever one you choose you’ll ride knowing that RevTech motor oil is designed specifically to withstand and protect against the particular wear and tear of air-cooled V-Twin motors. RevTech Synthetic MTP Upgrade your Harley […]

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Motul 5100 Motor Oil

Category: SEMI-SYNTHETIC Motul 5100 is a semi-synthetic ester- and mineral-based motor oil. Motul’s 5100 blended Technosynthese lubricant combines mineral base and synthetic base oils together with Motul’s specially formulated additive blend. Motul 5100’s friction modifying additives provide excellent oil film resistance, thus reducing friction in the engine and maintaining oil pressure. Motul’s Technosynthese blending technology […]

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