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Whether you favor fire roads, highways, or single-track, Wolfman Luggage has a soft luggage combination to suit your voyage. Wolfman is well known and trusted by enduro and adventure riders, and world travellers have been slinging their Wolfman bags across their tanks and tails for years. Their bags are tough and rugged, made in the USA, and have seen miles of motorcycle abuse to get where they are right now. The years of field testing by destructive motorcyclists could break any other adventure luggage company, but it has only made this Colorado based company more trusted by riders.

For all the bikes and their bikers who live to traverse California and beyond, we have a wide selection of tank bags, tail bags, and panniers by Wolfman. Constructed with heavy-duty ballistic nylon, PVC coated nylon, big YKK zippers, these bags will beat any harsh conditions you can throw at them. Their designs are shaped to fit and look natural on anything from dirt bikes to big tourers. There is a line of Wolfman luggage suited to every kind of adventure you embark upon, so check out the selection, suit up your bike, and get on the journey.

Use Wolfman’s Bags On Bikes tool to see the luggage options designed for small (dirt bike), medium (dual sport or smaller standard bike), and large bikes (adventure, sport-touring, and touring bikes). You can view each piece separately or stack them on to get a visual of what your customized luggage system could look like:

Wolfman Bags On Bikes

Read on to learn more about the Timberwolf Tank Bag, Wolf Tail Bag, Small Expedition Tank Bag, Summit Saddlebags, and Express Tank Bag. You can view photos of all the other models we stock as well by scrolling to the bottom of this page or looking at the gallery at the top of this page.

Timberwolf Tank Bag

The Timberwolf is a sizeable square tank bag made of ballistic nylon. It was designed to sit best on bikes with flat-topped tanks. It has tons of capacity and external storage options, so you can load up the expandable main compartment with your gear for the commute or a longer ride, and put your must-haves in the outer storage pockets. For those of you who appreciate the timelessness of classic cartography, there’s even a removable map pocket on the top. For those who prefer to defer to the satellites for your navigational needs, touchscreens work through the clear plastic of the map holder, so you can store your phone or GPS in there for easy access and visibility.

The Timberwolf is mounted with a three-point harness attached to the heavy-duty non-scratch and non-slip bottom of the bag. When you hit the streets walking, easily unclip the Timberwolf and use the handle to bring all your goodies along with you.


  •  13” L x 12 1/4″ W x 7″ H


  • 16 liters of capacity, or 18 expanded
  • Removable Side Pockets
  • Removable Map Pocket
  • Expandable Gusset
  • Large #10 YKK Zipper Main Opening
  • 3 point mounting for superior holding power
  • Front zippered mesh pocket
  • Interior zippered mesh pocket, and key clip
  • Ballistics Nylon construction
  • Foam and Plastic stiffeners
  • Non-slip, non-scratch bottom
  • Reflective side accents and carry handle

Wolf Tail Bag

Attach the Wolf Tail Bag to your seat or rear rack and you’re instantly stocked up with heavy-duty storage room. This hefty tail bag attaches easily with bungee hooks so day-trippers and commuters who value ease of use can quickly and conveniently attach and detach their Wolf Tail Bag. Even though Wolfman calls this a medium-sized tail bag, the Wolf is substantially sized. It is also expandable, has a bungee net on top for additional storage of a sweatshirt or gloves, and can even hold a full face helmet.


  • 9 1/2″ W x 12″ L x 9″ H


  • 19.5 liters of capacity, or 24.5 expanded
  • Three outside signature “Crescent” Pockets for easy access
  • #10 YKK zippered main opening
  • Outer mesh map/snack pocket
  • Interior zippered mesh pocket
  • Expandable Gusset
  • Bungee net integrated into top of bag
  • D-ring for Shoulder Strap
  • Adjustable bungee and hook mounting system
  • Non-scratch, non-skid bottom
  • Reflective handle and trim
  • 30-liter capacity

Small Expedition Tank Bag

The Small Expedition Tank Bag is sloped for bikes with a slanted gas tank, so it is ideally suited for dual sport and enduro bikes and is designed not to interfere with the gas cap or vent hose.

The ballistic nylon outer construction is covered with a heavy-duty PVC coating to provide weatherproof durability and to protect the bag and your belongings from the inexorable conditions you encounter. The Expedition bags feature a zipperless closure system with an inner drawstring cinch covered by a clip-on nylon lid with a removable map window. The entry system is simple and straightforward to use on the ride but still shuts the door on mud and rain.

The Expedition is mounted with the same four-point mounting system as the Enduro Tank Bag and the Enduro Pocket, so you can easily swap between the different bags without changing the harness.


  • 9 3/4″ L x 5 1/2″ W x 8″ H


  • 6.5 liters of capacity, or 7.5 liters expanded
  • Heavy duty PVC Exterior construction
  • Zipperless Top Loading Design
  • Floating (Expandable) Top
  • Removable Map Pocket
  • Exterior Reflective Material
  • Inside Document pouch (removes and can used as Waist Bag)
  • Top Compression Strap for jostle-free load
  • Drawstring Cinch Top Closure with Storm Flap to help keep the elements out
  • Minimal Exterior seams for weather-resistance
  • Non-scratch, non-skid bottom
  • Interior Key Clip
  • Dual Elastic Pen/Tire Gauge Holders
  • Foam side stiffener
  • Foam Padded bottom

Summit Saddle Bags

The Summit Saddle Bags are rugged and roomy, and have a streamlined styling that delivers a great fit and look. They work best on touring or street bikes because they deliver a healthy 40-liters of storage capacity. They are securely fastened to the bike by a universal five-point mounting system that consists of two straps across the seat, two across the passenger pegs, and one around the rear of the bags.


  • 15″ L x 8″ W x 11 3/4″ H


  • 20 liters of capacity each bag, or 40 liters total
  • Universal 5 point mounting system
  • Non-Slip Non-Scratch backing
  • Stiffeners throughout
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Reflective trim
  • D-Rings on the side of the bags that are compatible with the Wolf Tail

Express Tank Bag

For street riders and commuters looking for a perfectly sized commuter’s tank bag with a simple design and Wolfman durability, the Express Tank Bag is where it’s at. The Express comes with a four-point mounting system for the most secure fit, and a non-slip, non-scratch bottom. It has a rectangular shape and flat bottom, and although it has a conservative height dimension, the expandable gusset adds some extra capacity for when you need it. When you get to the store or to work, you can quickly clip the bag off of its mounting straps and be on your way with all your belongings.


  • 11″ L x 8 3/4″ W x 5 1/4″ H


  • 14 liters of capacity
  • All Ballistic Nylon Construction
  • Foam stiffeners throughout
  • 4 point universal mounting
  • Removable Map Pocket
  • Large #10 YKK Zipper Main Opening
  • Small front mesh pocket
  • Interior zippered mesh pocket
  • Key Clip
  • Outside elastic pen/tire gauge holder
  • Non scratch, non skid bottom and buckle tabs
  • Reflective side accents and carry handle
  • 4 exterior D-Rings for shoulder strap

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