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Posted on: May 26th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA 1 Comment

This little gadget is a no-brainer solution for anyone who gets wrist fatigue on their throttle hand while on long rides (pretty much everyone).

The Throttle Rocker is simply a molded plastic lever that easily attaches to the outside end of your handlebar grip and enables you to control the throttle and maintain a cruising speed without having to constantly grip around the throttle, which inevitably causes wrist fatigue. The plastic loop fits securely around most 1 inch and 7/8 inch grips and stays in place firmly. If you have odd-sized grips or handlebars, try the Throttle Rocker II, which is held in place with a Velcro loop.

The lever is shaped to comfortably conform to the base of your hand so you can just rest your palm on the Throttle Rocker as you roll on, mile after mile. For just ten bucks, it’s worth a shot. We think you’ll love the effect. For some further convincing, scroll down to read a review of the Throttle Rocker, used in conjunction with a Go Cruise Throttle Lock, written by Dusty, our Harley-Davidson specialist Dusty.


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  1. Road Rider MCA says:


    When we first brought this product into the store, I have to admit I had my doubts about it. How could this little piece of plastic hold my throttle steady at speed with the typical vibration you get traveling at highway speeds.

    I was taking a ride to Vancouver, B.C. Canada from May 9th through May 14th and thought this would be the perfect time to put a Go Cruise to the test.

    Installation is rather simple, after buying the correct size for your handlebars (7/8th or 1 inch) take the unit and spread it just far enough to slip over the throttle. Then rotate it forward until it rests upon the brake lever, very easy.

    While riding, when your desired speed is attained, press the Go Cruise down with your index finger until it contacts the brake lever. This holds the throttle in position; to disengage the unit, simply roll the throttle forward.

    During my first tries to used the Go Cruise, it was a bit hard to find the sweet spot for the speed I wanted to stay at. I found that setting the throttle a bit past where I wanted to be, then rolling the throttle off just a bit until I found that sweet spot worked best.

    I combined this with a Throttle Rocker throttle assist so I could completely relax my hand for hours at a time. While going up hills, a small twist of the throttle kept me at speed, downhills sometimes needed a bit of roll off but the Go Cruise was easily reset and I was happily on down the road.

    I highly recommend both of these products, the Go Cruise and the Throttle Rocker. If you do not want to spend big money for an electronic cruise control, or your bike just can’t have one installed on it, this combination is a great, inexpensive alternative.

    Review By Dusty
    Road Rider Harley-Davidson Specialist

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