The Vincent In The Barn

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The Vincent In The Barn: Great Stories of Motorcycle Archaeology

By Tom Cotter

Published by Motorbooks (2009)

Tom Cotter scoured the world’s collector circles for the forty best stories of motorcycle ‘barn’ finds and brought them together for The Vincent In The Barn: Great Stories of Motorcycle Archaeology. The book features stories of uncovered treasures from premier collectors like Jay Leno and Dale Walksler, as well as tales of true chance finds discovered by unwitting motorcycle enthusiasts.

Cotter’s collection includes the bizarre story of the Bay Area’s ‘Madman of Marin County’, George Disteel. After Disteel’s son died in a motorbike accident, Disteel began hoarding Vincents, Nortons, and other bikes and storing them in the many barns and sheds on his properties. After the eccentric Disteel died and authorities discovered the surprising extent of his properties, witnesses described scenes that included finding as many as 20 Vincents in one spot. The Butterfield Auction House was hired to sell the recovered bikes and all were sold, both running and non-running. One Vincent Black Shadow was sold to Arlen Ness for just under $2000, restored, and later sold.

Look for Cotter’s other book, The Harley In The Barn,  also available at Road Rider. Before turning his sights on motorcycles, Tom Cotter, a motorsports industry veteran, wrote The Cobra In The Barn and The Hemi In The Barn.

Cotter, Tom. The Vincent In The Barn. Minneapolis, MN: Motorbooks, 2009.


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