TechNiche HyperKewl Cooling Vest

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At Road Rider, we believe that if you’re uncomfortable on your bike, there’s a solution. And we also believe you should accept and embrace that solution, be it a pair of heated gloves, a seat pad, or a new windscreen – because then you’ll ride more, and you’ll be happy. There aren’t many direct, or ACTIVE, solutions to extreme heat, though, but here’s a really inexpensive and effective one you may not know about. Consider counting on a HyperKewl Cooling Vest by TechNiche as an active solution to extreme summertime temperatures.

The technology is simple but effective. Soak your HyperKewl Vest in water, wring it out, and wear it under your jacket. The HyperKewl Vest’s fabric absorbs and retains water like a sponge. As air passes across the vest, the vest gradually releases water and creates cool air. You’ll feel a significant amount of relief from the otherwise oppressive temperature of some of our favorite places, like the Mojave or the foothills of the southern Sierras.

How long the vest stays cool depends on the temperature and humidity of your surroundings, as well as how much air is allowed to pass across it. On average, HyperKewl vests provide cooling relief for five to ten hours.

Read this great review in Rider Magazine of a TechNiche HyperKewl Vest in action:

TechNiche HyperKewl Cooling Vest

  • Cost-effective, extended relief from heat stress
  • Simply soak the vest in cool water for a few minutes, then squeeze out the excess
  • Lightweight, durable, reusable and washable; non-toxic
  • HyperKewl™ fabric sewn into garment lining
  • Available in sizes S-3XL in Black or Silver at Road Rider

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