Superbikes Of The Seventies

Posted on: January 26th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Superbikes Of The Seventies

By Roland Brown

Published by David Bull Publishing (2002)

Like fast cars, motorcycles are and probably always will be a guilty pleasure. Flip through Superbikes Of The Seventies by Roland Brown and you will see what we mean. The hundreds of photos make each page an all-out festival of eye candy and create – at least in the writer’s heart – a sense of need. In a way, it’s like gawking at your favorite muscle cars from the glory days of motorized Detroit power. One model after another defined, then redefined the genre.

Superbikes is organized chronologically into over 30 of the fastest, most polished superbikes from the hay days of balls out seventies motorcycle power. Starting with the seminal 1969 Honda CB750 and concluding with the frighteningly brutal 1979 Kawasaki Z1300, Brown showcases favorite models from the Big Four manufacturers and fills in with historically important models from BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Norton, Laverda, even Harley-Davidson.

This book snuck its way in from publisher David Bull and, because we have so many different books in our media department, it flew way under the radar until Bob got his hands on it. One morning he flipped through every page and spilled the details on how each one fits into our history here at Road Rider. Whether you own, owned, or want to own one of these bikes, Superbikes of the Seventies is a colorful way to get acquainted with how developmental the 70s were in the machines we ride today. If you can’t ride all the bikes in Superbikes of the Seventies, you can at least dream about them. Maybe that’s what separates men from beasts like the CBX?

Roland Brown, Superbikes of the Seventies. Phoenix: David Bull Publishing, 2002.

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