StreetFX ElectroPods

Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

StreetFX bike lighting gives you the power to customize your bike’s look and keep it fresh with new colors. StreetFX offers a wide variety of lighting setups that will add some eye-catching L.E.D. action to your ride, and Road Rider has a wide selection on hand. You can pick up a complete kit or a mix of super-bright L.E.D. strips, blinking valve caps, wireless controllers, and other accessories.

Here are a few StreetFX highlights:

ElectroPods Flex Pro Color Changing Kit With Remote

The Color Changing Lighting Strips are remotely controlled so you can change your lighting to a different color with the included remote control. You can also change between on, off, and various strobe modes. The Flex Pro Color Changing Kit includes everything you need to add big personality to your bike.

  • 10 4” Color Changing Flex Strips
  • Wireless remote control and receiver
  • Mounting tape and professional grade interlocking mounting strip
  • The ability to choose between seven color choices or multicolor using the remote control
  • Flash modes include constant on, scrolling flash, fade with speed control,and strobe pattern

Brake ElectroPods

Installing a flashing brake light is a super-easy way to protect yourself in a major way. Increase your visibility while braking with these easy-to-install red L.E.D.s.

ElectroPod Light Strands

These 12” light strands have 15 ultra-bright, low-profile L.E.D.s that come in the color of your choice. They easily bend and conform to your bike and are shock- and weather-resistant. Wire these strips and any other StreetFX lighting directly into your battery or StreetFX power module.

ElectroPods Flex Pro Kit

The Flex Pro Kit has all the lighting and components you need to set up your bike’s new StreetFX lighting in the color of your choice:

  • 6 Oval-shaped L.E.D. Pods
  • 2 9.5” ultra-bright L.E.D. Flex Strips
  • 1 Water-resistant on/off switch with in-line fuse
  • 1 9” Pro-grade Interlocking Mounting Strip
  • Your choice of L.E.D. light color and black or chrome housing finishes

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