Stomp Grip Tank Grips

Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

In the world of motorcycling, small things do make a difference. Stomp Grip tank grips are one of those small things that once you’re turned on to you won’t want to let go. Grab some Stomp Grips, and you’ll feel the difference.

With tank grips you get vastly improved traction around the tank so you can hold on with your knees instead of tensing up your upper body and arms. This can mean reduced fatigue as well as better handling. Gripping easily with your legs can help with your body positioning and make you more comfortable.

Stomp Grips come in universal sizes as well as model specific cuts for street and dirt bikes. Choose clear, black, or from a variety of other colors. Just clean the surface of your tank and stick them on.

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