Simple Solutions Grunge Brush

Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Excuse me, but you should be saving that old toothbrush for other special projects, and not cleaning your motorcycle chain with it. Get yourself the heavy-duty, three-sided, adjustable-width king of toothbrushes for chain cleaning, the Simple Solutions Grunge Brush.

Designed specifically for motorcycle and ATV chains, the Grunge Brush will allow you transfer all that elbow grease efficiently into scrubbing power, so you can more easily return your chain to a good-as-new state.

Simple Solutions Grunge Brush

  • Adjustable bristle blocks accommodate all chain sizes
  • Easily cleans all four sides of a chain and reaches all chain parts
  • Brush available for purchase by itself or with the Grunge Buster eco-friendly chain degreaser
  • Replaceable bristles

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