Sidi Stivali Traffic Rain Boots

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Sidi Stivali Traffic Rain Boots are sturdy, rugged, and will be sure to outwit even the severest of rainy conditions. These ankle height, lug-soled boots are made with Sidi quality and time-tested technology, so you can count on reliable durability.

The Lorica construction makes for a stylish but long-lasting upper. The built in waterproof membrane is breathable, like the Lorica. So, while these boots can be hot during summertime rides, during the harsher seasons they will keep your feet out of reach of the elements, while allowing your feet to breath.

Sidi Traffic Rain Boots

  • Mid-height boot with Lorica upper
  • Waterproof membrane provides breathable waterproofing
  • Full-length inner gaiter to keep water out
  • Composite inner sole
  • Removable arch support
  • Internal heel and toe protection
  • Zipper and velcro closure system
  • Non-slip lug sole
  • Lorica toe shift pad
  • Double stitching in high-stress areas


  • Available in European sizes 40-50, US sizes 7-15
  • Also available: Sidi Traffic Air, for ventilated summer riding

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