Sidi Mag-1 Boots

Posted on: May 31st, 2014 by Road Rider MCA

New for 2014, the Sidi Mag-1 boot has taken up residence right alongside the Sidi Vortice as the Italian company’s top-tier race boot. Though the innovative Mag-1 looks nothing like the bionic-like Vortice, this unassuming boot features some newly developed technologies that make it a truly exceptional new offering.

We’ll start with the obvious. The ‘Mag’ refers to the new closure system developed for the Mag-1, the Tecno-3 magnetic closures, which appear at first to be just like the Tecno Tensioners on the Vortice. The Vortice’s Tecno Tensioners are nylon wire hook closures that adjust the boot’s tightness around the foot, ankle, and calf. The new Tecno-3 closures use a steel wire, and magnets at the clip end help keep the wire hook in place, so they are definitely faster and easier to operate.

Sidi Mag-1 Vortice Comparison 2

The Mag-1’s greatest advancement, however, is one you can’t see. You will immediately notice that the Mag-1 is much narrower and more low-profile in all respects. It’s also 17% lighter than the Vortice. Sidi achieved this by building carbon fiber beams into the vertical length of the boot. These carbon fiber beams essentially replace the Vortice’s external hard plastic parts and provide rigid side-to-side ankle stability without the bulk and weight of the Vortice’s pivoting ankle mechanism. You won’t feel the carbon fiber beams once the boot is on, and they flex enough to provide good forward-leaning mobility.

Sidi Mag-1 Vortice Comparison

The Mag-1 also has a very impressive range of adjustment around the calf. The Tecno-3 closures can snug the calf portion down to a very small calf size, while an additional strap on the inside of the calf can be adjusted for extra room if necessary. Once the bonus strap is adjusted to your specification, you never need to mess with it again. Just use the quick Tecno-3 closures to get in and out of the boot.

With the introduction of the Mag-1, Sidi is truly offering a whole new world of high-level protection.

Sidi Mag-1 Boots

  • Polyurethane upper with carbon fiber beam internal support system for excellent flex movement front-to-back while being firm side-to-side
  • 17% lighter than the Vortice boot
  • Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanisms close the boot with an extremely resistant steel wire that is hooked to the clip with the aid of a magnets
  • Tecno-3 closures are easy and quick to use as well as being highly adjustable and light in weight
  • All screws that attach the various technical parts are recessed so as not to damage the bike
  • Toe slider is made in nylon reinforced with fiberglass and fitted with a new air intake and an innovative alloy insert
  • The Mag-1 has a widely adjustable calf area that can accommodate riders with up to an 15-inch calf diameter 11.5-inches above from the bottom of their heel
  • Arch and Achilles areas are covered with Sidi’s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels
  • The arch area utilizes two TPU bands next to the TECNO-3 Magnetic closures, for maximum support and wrap of the arches
  • Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining in the boots upper with a soft and comfortable Cambrelle lining used in the toe area
  • Asymmetric and shaped shock absorbing heel cup, smooth and flat inside, for more adherence with the bike, with shock absorbing system in the back and outside
  • TPU toe shift pad
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support pad and dual compound sole
  • Double stitched in all high stress areas.
  • All bolt-on parts (shin, heel, closures, toe slider) are replaceable


  • Available in European sizes 41-47 (approximate US sizes 7.5-12.5)
  • Stocked at Road Rider in black; also available to order in white/black

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