Saddlemen SaddleGel Seat Pads

Posted on: August 21st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

It took Saddlemen years of lab testing and riding to perfect their exclusive SaddleGel™ formula, and the result is a dampening, cushioning, and supporting seat pad. Saddlemen SaddleGel™ Seat Pads more evenly distribute your weight across the seat, giving you a softer ride and eliminating pressure points and hot spots.

Specifically developed for motorcycles to withstand the temperature changes and high-stress conditions of the road, SaddleGel™ will never freeze, dry, crack, leak or melt. The SaddleGel™ seat pad covers are designed to be durable, comfortable, and allow the SaddleGel™ to fully conform to each rider’s weight and shape.

You will be more comfortable on the bike for more miles and feel better after your ride with the simple addition of a seat pad. Saddlemen’s Advanced Comfort Gel Pads and their Pillow Top Gel Pads are both available in sizes medium, large, and extra-large to fit and look great on a variety of bike seat shapes and sizes. Stop by Road Rider to try out a Saddlemen SaddleGel™ pad on your own bike seat!

Original Advanced Comfort Gel Seat Pad

  • Provides superior comfort by equalizing pressure, improving blood circulation and absorbing shock and vibration
  • Highly-refined, advanced viscoelastic molded gel reformulated by Saddlemen for motorcycle use into SaddleGel™
  • Saddlemen’s original soft-stretch cover maximizes SaddleGel™ efficiency
  • Durable, fiber-reinforced black cover is unaffected by weather, water or perspiration
  • Designed for easy mounting on a wide variety of motorcycles
  • Quick disconnect harness provides easy pad removal for security, easy cleaning or temperature adjustment
  • Seat pad can be attached using quick disconnect harness or simply placed on the seat and held in place by the non-slip bottom
  • Pads can be heated or cooled for added comfort in different temperature conditions
  • Lifetime SaddleGel™ warranty
  • All components and instructions included

XL Original

Pillow Top Gel

  • Same as the Original Advanced Comfort Gel Seat Pad but features a button tufted top and an extra-soft layer of pillow foam on top of the SaddleGel™ seat pad
  • Beautiful addition to Harley-Davidson and other cruisers

XL Pillow


Note: Dimensions of Pillow Top and Original versions vary slightly

Extra Large SaddleGel™ Pad Dimensions

  • 12″ L x 15″ rear width x 8″ front width
  • Fits many larger cruisers and most touring bikes including Baggers, Goldwings, Voyagers, Royal Stars and Victorys, and larger adventure bikes

Large SaddleGel™ Pad Dimensions

  • 10″ L x 13.5″ rear width x 7.5″ front width
  • Fits most non-touring Harley-Davidsons and other cruisers such as the VTX, Shadow, Magna, Vulcan, Intruder, and VStar
  • Fits GS, Tenere and Tiger adventure bikes and ST, FJR, Concours, GT, RT, VFR sport tourers and many sportbikes
  • Also fits many of the rear passenger seats of these and similar bikes

Medium SaddleGel™ Pad Dimensions

  • 9.” L x 7.5″ rear width x 5.5″ front width
  • Perfect for the buddy seat of most sport bikes, dual sport bikes, and the smaller passenger pillions of cruiser and adventure bikes

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