Rock Oil! and Rock Lube, Rock Coolant, Rock Cleaner…

BY Road Rider MCA - March 23rd, 2016

Rock Oil may be responsible for making MX tracks everywhere smell like strawberries, but there’s a lot more to the story. In the business of blending oil since the 1920s, today Rock Oil products are made and tested to the highest standards in their home country of England. Rock Oil manufactures a vast catalog of high-performance products for street, offroad, and racing applications, and is the official lubricant of British Superbike racing.

Road Rider is excited to now offer an even wider assortment of Rock Oil products that includes fully synthetic, semi, and mineral engine oils, gearbox oils, coolant, and a variety of other chemicals and cleaners to cover your bikes’ needs, wheel-to-wheel.


Rock Oil 1


Here is a preview of some of the Rock Oil products you’ll find on our shelves:


2 Stroke Road

Synthesis 2 Racing, Synthesis 2 Injector – Fully synthetic oils

4 Stroke Road

Synthesis XRP – Extra power synthetic racing oil
Synthesis, Synthesis 4 Racing – Fully synthetic oils
Assorted semi-synthetic and mineral oils

2 Stroke Offroad

Synthesis XRP Offroad – Extra power fully synthetic oil
Synthesis 2 Racing Offroad – Fully synthetic oil
Strawberry Trial 2, K2 Plus – Synthetic 2 stroke pre-mixes

Gearbox Oils

Gro – Racing gearbox oil
Gear Pro 75W – Full synthetic competition gearbox oil
Lite Gear Oil – Lightweight gearbox oil


Iced Kool, Kool – Engine coolants
Synthesis SVI and SVI – Suspension fluids
Racing Castor
Dirtblaster multi-purpose bio cleaner
Factory Eco Foam – Synthetic water-washable air filter fluid
Factory Foam – Air filter fluid
Factory Foam Kleen – Air filter cleaner
Rock Oil Brake Fluid
Rockeze – Maintenance spray
Chain Lube, Chain Wax



Questions about our stock or what product is right for your bike? We’d be happy to help! Just give us a call at (408) 227-6936 and ask for the parts department.



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