Rev’It! Voltiac HV Jacket

Posted on: February 2nd, 2014 by Road Rider MCA

Give day-dreaming car drivers a slap in the face with the super-visible Voltiac HV Jacket. The Voltiac HV will delight commuters and tourers who want an all-season workhorse that will help them stay safe on the roadways.

The Voltiac is a lightweight, touring-style jacket with built-in breathable Hydratex waterproofing and a removable thermal liner for warmth. Zip in the liner on chilly morning and evening commutes or stash the liner and open up the zippered vents on hot days.

One thing you’ll never be without is the safety edge you’ll get from being seen. Wearing bright clothing while you ride helps motorists see you coming, and that’s big, because car/motorcycle accidents happen most when drivers don’t see us. The Voltiac’s attention-grabbing color is complemented by abundant vertical and horizontal reflective panels on the front, back, and sides.

The open road is no place to indulge your inner wallflower. Get visible and ride safe with the Rev’It! Voltiac HV (high-visibility) Jacket. Not buying all the hi-viz hype? Visit our article “See Me Now? The Hi-Viz Difference” for the cold, hard facts about high-visibility motor clothing. If you’re still not down with neon, the Voltiac is now available in a black version! Check it out at the bottom of this post.

Rev’It! Voltiac HV Jacket

  • Constructed with 600 denier polyester and wax polyester coated with Hydratex G-Liner waterproofing
  • Featuring a detachable polyester thermal liner
  • Knox Flexiform CE protection located at shoulders and elbows
  • Prepared for Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert type RV (sold separately at Road Rider)
  • Laminated reflection at shoulders, chest, back, waist and upper arms, and reflective logo at upper arms
  • Flexisnap adjustable collar
  • Adjustment straps at waist and cuffs and adjustment drawcord at hips
  • VCS ventilation zippers at back and chest for flow-through ventilation
  • Available in sizes M-XYL (M-3XL)
  • Price: $279.99 $239.99 (save 15% through 8/19)

Also available: Rev’It! Voltiac Jacket in black, black/silver, and black/red (available in sizes S-6XL)

Rev'It Voltiac Black SilverRev'It Voltiac BlackRev'It Voltiac Black Red
Rev'It Voltiac Black Silver backRev'It Voltiac Black backRev'It Voltiac Black Red back



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