Rev’It! Seesoft Back Protector

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Upgrade your jacket’s safety chops with a soft, flexible, and comfortable Rev’It! Seesoft back protector insert. Fifty dollars is a small price to pay for CE-Level 2 back protection, and Seesoft is among the best of the new wave of back protectors – made to protect you, but not impinge you.

Seesoft is highly impact resistant, and extremely light, breathable, and soft. A blend of Nitrile and Polynorbornene rubbers creates a kind of memory foam that efficiently absorbs and disperses impact energy. Because most impacts won’t occur at an angle that is perfectly perpendicular to the protector, Seesoft is made of multiple free layers of foam that shift upon impact and further disperse the energy. This also means the protector is very flexible against your back.

A note on back protector safety levels:

Unlike the elbow, shoulder, and knee protector category of personal protective equipment, which has only one CE rating level, back protectors can be rated CE-Level 1 or CE-Level 2. A Level 1 or Level 2 rating is determined by the amount of force transferred through the protector upon impact. A CE-Level 2 back protector, like a Seesoft protector, transfers half as much force to the rider’s back as a CE-Level 1 back protector.

If you have a Rev’It! jacket, refer to the chart below, look at the label on your jacket’s back protector pocket, or ask us what model Seesoft protector is perfect for your jacket. If you have a jacket of another brand, a Seesoft back protector could still be a great upgrade option. You can try out a variety of Seesoft protectors in your jacket at Road Rider to find one that fits well.

Seesoft Back Protector


MSRP: $49.99-$56.99

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