RAM Mount X-Grip

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If you’ve seen an X-Grip on your buddy’s bike, then you probably want one for yourself too.

RAM Mount’s Universal X-Grip is the best selling smartphone mount we’ve got, and for good reason. RAM Mount systems are high-quality, completely rust and wear resistant, made in the United States, and lifetime warrantied. The spring-loaded X-Grip will hang on tight to a phone of any size, and because RAM Mounts are ball and socket systems, you can position your phone any way you want and count on it to stay firmly in place. The X-Grip makes your phone easy to remove and easy to remount in a snap, so you can re-plot your route, change tunes, snap pics, and then pop your mobile com center back into place when you’re done.

To mount your X-Grip onto your motorcycle’s handlebar, you will also need a RAM Mount handlebar mount, and a double socket arm for a 1 inch ball. Arms are available in different lengths. Then, just attach your X-Grip, or any other 1 inch ball RAM Mount accessory holder to your mounting system.

RAM Mount makes a HUGE variety of mounting accessories and devices, like camera and GPS mounts, and the ever-popular RAM Mount Cup Holder. Once you have a RAM Mount arm and handlebar mount, you can use a variety of different device holders interchangeably. Stop by Road Rider to take a look at all our RAM Mount products, or call us if you have any questions!

For mounting the X-Grip and other 1 inch RAM accessory products on your sportbike, see the RAM Mount Stem Base Mount.

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