Pro Pad Air Flow Seat Pads

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Severe warming of glutei maximi can make rides uncomfortable and unpleasant. In other words, getting a hot and sweaty butt when you ride sucks. That’s why the riders at Premium Motorcycle Products developed the Pro Pad. It’s a inexpensive and simple way to immeasurably improve the comfort and whole experience of your ride.

Just attach the Air Flow top pad to your bike’s seat and you’re ready to go. The Pro Pad’s 3-D spacer fabric provides extra cushion and moves your bum off the hot vinyl or leather bike seat. This allows air to flow underneath you as you ride, reducing heat buildup and sweat. You’ll immediately appreciate the difference a Pro Pad makes for such a small investment, so you won’t fear the hot seat on long rides or warm days.

Premium Motorcycle Products is a family-owned business that is dedicated to producing the highest quality products. That’s why all of their Pro Pads are made in the United States by them, and you can be confident in the workmanship and care taken to bring every product to the consumer.

All Pro Pads have a non-slip bottom and come with attachment straps.

Pro Pad Air Flow Seat Pads come in four different sizes:


  • Designed to fit most cruiser style passenger seats including Fatboys, Heritage Softails, Sportsters, Road Kings, Dynas, VTXs, Valkyries, Vulcans, V-Stars, Roadstars. Medium will also fit the rider seat on a few of the smaller bikes like the Buell S1 and Suzuki Savages
  • Dimensions: 14 W x 10 L x .25 H


  • Great for large passenger touring seats on Goldwings, Ultra Classics, BMW LTs and more. Will also work on larger rider seats like the Harley-Davidson Badlander seat, and those on Softails, Fatboys, Dynas, Customs, Sportsters, Goldwings, Shadows, Nomads, Vulcan 750s, Intruder 800s, V-Star 650s, Victory Kingpins, and BMWs
  • Dimensions: 16 W x 12 L x .25 H


  • More coverage for large touring seats on Goldwing 1800s, Ultra Classics, Road Kings, Road Glides, Valkyries, VTX, Vulcans, Roadstars, V-Stars, Suzuki Intruder 1500, and other large touring models
  • Dimensions: 16 W x 17 L x .25 H


  • Specifically designed for big Goldwing seats
  • Dimensions: 16.5 W x 14 L x .25 H

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