Plexus Plastic Spray

Posted on: February 25th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

One poor guy stopped by Road Rider one day to refill, yet again, his vital Plexus supply. He lamented to me that the stuff frequently got into his wife’s hands, whereupon it would be used on anything and everything around the house. While we don’t suggest using Plexus on everything, it is pretty great stuff, so we understand the compulsion.

Here’s some of what Plexus can do:

  • Spray-on/wipe-off plastic polish, cleaner, and protectant
  • Works great on most helmets, windshields, helmet face shields, goggles, and fairings
  • Creates an anti-static, anti-reflective finish on eyewear and face shields
  • Great for any laminated plastic or vinyl plastic surface
  • Cleans and protects plated and polished metals including chrome and stainless steel
  • Cleans and protects Lucite,® Lexan,® Plexiglas,® Acrylite®

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