Pirelli Angel GT

Posted on: April 29th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Pirelli’s Angel GT tires are a much-improved follow up to the sport-touring Angel STs. The GTs show off some major advancements in mileage and handling performance, but they share the ST’s spiritual core – they’re half angel, half demon. So the GTs are up to hang for some well-behaved mileage on trips or daily commutes, but like to let a bit of the devil out on weekends and lean into the twists and turns of the Bay Area’s best roads. You’ll find the GTs have excellent handling and cornering for fun riding, but offer a seriously high-mileage lifespan.

Pirelli’s claim that the GTs offer the best mileage in the sport-touring category has been supported by the independent testing of Germany’s Motorrad Test Center which tested the GT alongside the other major competing tires in its class.

The GTs also have a new dual-compound structure, and the silica-heavy mix, along with a deeper tread pattern, deliver excellent handling and braking in wet weather. The zero-degree steel radial construction of the Angel GTs is modeled after Pirelli’s World Superbike tire and provides a stiff base for consistency and even wear through the long life of the tire.

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Pirelli Angel GT

  • Silica heavy dual-compound provides excellent wet-weather handling and corner grip
  • Radial carcass construction for even wear and stability
  • The best mileage in the sport-touring tire category
  • Fast warm-up time


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