Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook: How To Handle Legal Situations From The Mundane To The Insane

By Pat Hahn

Published by Motorbooks (2012)

Pat Hahn’s Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook is the ultimate companion guide to interstate travel. It provides everything you need to know about navigating motorcycle law in all 50 states. A state by state breakdown details motorcycle codes, tells you what to expect from law enforcement, and how to handle a stop or a court appearance. But you won’t be pulled over, will you? Because before you touch ground in the next state over, you’ll be prepared for local laws on eye protection, headwear, turn signals, and noise levels.

With glossy pages and engaging photography, The Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook is packed with information organized in an easily usable way. Each state is ranked for rideability from worst to best; from fifty to one. The ranking is based on: population density, law enforcement density, and percentage of fatal multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes to all crashes. Note that a state’s ranking is not based on the quality of the roads.

So how does our state stack up? California is 35th on Hahn’s rideability scale, and he describes law enforcement as having an attitude that is generally “businesslike tending towards enthusiastic” about motorcyclists. The California chapter also covers fun stuff like the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act that went into effect in the beginning of 2013. Want to know more about it or what you’ll encounter when you start crossing state lines? Buy the book!

Hahn, Pat. Motorcyclist’s Legal Handbook: How To Handle Legal Situations From The Mundane To The Insane. Minneapolis, MN: Motorbooks, 2012.

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