Mobil 1 V-Twin Motor Oil

Posted on: April 26th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA


Mobil 1 V-Twin motorcycle oil is specially formulated to provide the absolute best protection for hot-running V-Twin engines.

Mobil 1’s 20W-50 V-Twin oil is a fully synthetic oil that retains excellent shear stability between longer drain intervals, even running at the high temperatures of air-cooled engines. Mobil 1 V-Twin oil does not rely on thickening agents to increase viscosity at high temperatures, which results in a loss of overall viscosity over time. Instead, the unique synthetic structure of Mobil 1 V-Twin oil creates a stable viscosity at all temperatures over the course of its life, providing for a consistent film for engine bearings, piston rings, and gears.

Mobil 1 V-Twin Oil

  • Maximum shear stability to help resist viscosity shear down in high-performance engines and transmissions
  • Exceptional thermal stability to help resist oxidation and high-temperature degradation
  • Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components
  • Enhanced lubrication to help maintain maximum power and acceleration over the life of the engine
  • Optimized wet-clutch performance
  • Excellent low temperature flow characteristics to help minimize engine wear during start-up

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