Metzeler Tourance Next

Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Metzeler’s Tourance Next tires are a new offering for 2013 that are sure to become a go-to choice for street riders on large adventure touring bikes. The Next is a roughly 90% street/10% dirt tire – made to keep pace with riders who push the corners, and with those who occasionally push past the bounds of the pavement.

The Next replaces the Tourance EXP and is available in three additional front and three additional rear tire sizes. An all new dual compound tire, the Next incorporates Metzeler’s most advanced technologies to achieve the ideal balance between street performance and tire longevity.

Metzeler’s unique Zero Degree Steel Radial and Metzeler Advanced Winding technologies used in the construction of the tire provide optimized stiffness, stability, and yield in different sections of the tire. The result is a premium handling experience on the road that will last – the Next has a 15% longer life than the EXP.

The Next also boasts significantly better wet traction in both front and rear tires. The single-compound front tire uses a heavy silica content for better traction on wet roads, and the shoulder compound of the rear tire is 100% silica.

The sport tire-like handling of the Tourance Next on the street earned it first place in Motorrad’s 2013 independent test of six best-selling street touring/enduro tires on the market. The test was based on initial performance and on tests conducted after 4000 kilometers of wear on wet and dry tracks. All tires were mounted on Triumph Tiger Explorers. Another strong show of support for the Metzeler difference? The Tourance Next comes stock on the 2013 BMW R1200GS.

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Metzeler Tourance Next Tire

  • Improved wet grip and stability
  • Improved mileage over previous Tourance EXP tires
  • Features Metzeler’s Zero Degree Steel Radial technology
  • MAW (Metzeler Advance Winding) system optimizes the spacing between the cords of the Zero Degree steel belt
  • Differentiated groove layout and shape
  • Improved water evacuation as the compound is always in contact with the road
  • Dual Compound rear sizes
  • Harder center compound is 40-45mm wide depending on tire size
  • Rear tires feature Silica content of 50% in center compound specifically designed to optimize mileage and stability at high speeds and fully loaded
  • Shoulder compounds are 100% Silica to guarantee an excellent chemical grip on wet surfaces
  • Rear tires feature Metzeler Interact technology with three zones of variable tension belt layout, similar to the Roadtec Z8 Interact
  • Front tires are single compound
  • Front tires also feature a high Silica content (over 50%) and uses new polymers and resins to provide improved handling and grip with fast warm up
  • New, innovative high stiffness structure for more sportbike-like tire behavior
  • Ideal choice for the latest generation Adventure touring bikes
  • OE on the new BMW R1200GS

Visit Metzeler’s website to learn more about their patented tire technologies, including their Zero-Degree Steel Radial and Advanced Wiring Technologies HERE.


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