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Avid Bay Area motorcyclist and road traveller Jenny Lefferts turned her passion for combing the coast and mountain ranges for the best roads into a full-time gig when she founded Mad Maps. Today, her company is the #1 map maker for motorcyclists who want to ride the best roads, hit the best spots, and live for the journey. The hundreds of Mad Maps showcase the most scenic routes across the United States, and highlight all the fascinating places along the way.

All Mad Maps routes are scouted by real riders who experience it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so they can cherry-pick the best for us. Check out our collection of Mad Maps and get your journey under way!

Mad Maps

  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Feature color-coded routes with inter-connectable trip options
  • Highlight national and state parks
  • Suggest roadside attractions like rubber band museums and giant balls of string
  • Point out tried and tested roadhouses where you can grab a bite to eat
  • Include other relevant visitor information and turn-by-turn directions

Never made it to Nit Wit Ridge in Cambria? You’re missing out.

Nit Wit Ridge Cambria

Riding the Southwest? Without a Mad Map, you might miss the world’s largest pistachio:

Almagordo Pistachio

If you’re heading to Washington, watch out for bridge trolls:

Bridge Troll Seattle

Some of our Mad Maps:

  • Rides Of A Lifetime series: Pacific Coast
  • Rides Of A Lifetime series: Southwest
  • Southern California and Southern Nevada
  • Northern California
  • Washington and Oregon
  • Sierra and Northern Nevada
  • Get Outta Town series: San Jose
  • Get Outta Town series: San Francisco


Want to take your Mad Mapping to the next level? Mad Maps apps for your smartphone or GPS are available for download at the Mad Maps website HERE. Get Outta Town and Rally Run series apps are free to download.

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