Lunasee ASL1000

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Motorcyclists should always be seen on the road, and not just because we love to show off our awesome bikes. By actively helping car drivers and other motorcyclists see us more easily on the roads we help keep ourselves out of harm’s way, and that’s going to mean fewer accidents, close-calls, and flipped birds. Lunasee is a new and exciting product available to motorcyclists that’s going to make sure we are noticed at night and that our bikes look sick at the same time.

Typically, a motorcycle’s visibility at night is limited to active lighting only in the front and rear, from taillights and headlights, which blends in or is hard to see in most night riding situations. Lunasee will make sure you get noticed on the road, and give your bike active lighting on both sides which isn’t dependent on being seen at a certain angle or on other light sources reflecting off it.

Lunasee works like super-powered glow-in-the-dark rim tape that is visible from hundreds of feet away. A thin photoluminescent strip is applied around the rim of your motorcycle’s wheels that is charged by small 12 volt L.E.D lights. The small L.E.D. PODS mount on both sides of the wheels, on the fender or forks, and are virtually invisible from view. With the flip of the switch, the pin stripe rim tape becomes illuminated by the L.E.D.s and glows brightly in a most TRON-like way.

So if you ride at night, stay safe, stay seen, and get Lunasee.

On a Honda Goldwing:

On a Suzuki GSX-R:


  • Kit comes with everything you need to install Lunasee on either one or two motorcycle wheels
  • Controller
  • On/Off Switch
  • Two (for one wheel), or four (for both wheels) charging L.E.D. PODs
  • Photoluminescent pin striping
  • All necessary mounting hardware, wiring, and components

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