Leanings: The Best Of Peter Egan

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Leanings: The Best of Peter Egan From Cycle World Magazine

By Peter Egan

Published by Motorbooks (2009)

When Peter Egan was learning how to fly airplanes, he rented a Cessna 150. A friend asked him, “Isn’t that like the Chevy Vega of airplanes?” “There is no Chevy Vega of airplanes,” Egan said, “Anything that flies is better than a Vega.” “That’s more or less how I feel about bikes,” he told the interviewer as he recounted the story. The exchange tells a lot about Egan, because as much expertise as he has on his subject, motorcycles, he has love enough for them all.

Leanings is a collection of Egan’s famous columns that ran under the same name in Cycle World Magazine from 1977 to 2002. Each column is preceded by a short retrospective commentary by the author. The entries are funny, endearing, masterfully written, and cover topics that span the diverse world (literally) of motorcycling. As you read his stories of adventures in restoration, travel, challenge and cycle-obsession, you’ll enjoy the ride and find a great friend in the process.

Egan, Peter. Leanings: The Best Of Peter Egan From Cycle World Magazine. Minneapolis, MN: Motorbooks, 2009.

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