Kisan TailBlazer and PathBlazer Modulators

Posted on: March 17th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Upgrading the lighting on your bike is an essential way to make sure you stay visible on the road. As motorcyclists, we can do our best to position ourselves safely and make drivers aware of our presence. But it takes more than our presence to make drivers really take us into account on the road. Statistics show that a large percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver’s inability to see the motorcyclist. By maintaining as much constant visibility as possible, riders can significantly reduce their chances of being involved in an incident.

Kisan’s TailBlazer and PathBlazer motorcycle light modulators easily turn stock taillights and headlights into strobing ones. A strobing or blinking light catches the eye and makes sure your bike stays noticed on the road by other motorists.

  • TailBlazer: Uses a Deceleration Warning flash pattern, which blinks at shortening intervals during braking until finally returning to a constant solid red at a full stop.
  • PathBlazer: Makes your headlight blink at a constant interval. You’ve seen them on the street, and that’s the idea! A constant blinking headlight doesn’t get lost in its surroundings.

TailBlazers and PathBlazers are really easy to set up and are available for any kind of headlight or taillight. Talk to our Parts Specialists to pick out the one that’s right for your bike.

There are three ways to convert your headlight or taillight into a Kisan:

  • Replacement Bulbs: Extra-bright replacement lamps/bulbs that have the modulator built right into the base
  • Plug-In: A small, bike-specific, plug-and-play addition to the headlight assembly
  • Splice-In: A universal 1-wire module that is quick and easy to install in-line with your headlight wiring

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