Keyless Entry Givi Top Case

Posted on: March 24th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA

Givi’s newest top box design introduces keyless entry to the Monokey luggage line. The E55-N Lux A is a 55-liter top case, and it comes equipped with integrated LED brake lights and a keyless entry remote. It is also available in a slightly cheaper model, the E55-N Lux BA, which is the same as the ‘A’ edition but does not come with the remote. For the ‘BA’ model, if you decide you’d like the remote entry option later on, you can purchase the E55-N Lux remote kit separately as an add-on item.

Keyless Entry Remote

The E55-N Lux boxes also feature a redesigned, smooth-operating push button opening mechanism and handle release. With the easier opening and the keyless remote, packing and unpacking your gear is easier than ever before. You can store up to two full-face helmets in this 55-liter box, or any of the supplies and gear you need for work or school. We currently have the E55-N Lux A on display in our store, so you can see its brake lights working and try out the remote control.

Click here to learn more about the Monokey and Monolock lines of Givi hard luggage available at Road Rider, and swing by the store to see our large Givi display.


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