Icon 1000 Truant Boots

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There’s something of a truant in the company that shirks the motorcycle gear status quo by boldly creating their own renegade world of fashion for two-wheelers. All the madness, the vision, and the killer style of our favorite Portlandians is present and accounted for in the uber-cool and apocalypse ready Icon One Thousand line of helmets, jackets, gloves, pants, and boots.

A brand new weapon in the One Thousand arsenal is the Truant Boot. The Truants deliver a high dose of style and comfort in a sturdy and protective riding high-top. A full-grain leather upper is backed up by ankle sliders, a reinforced toe box, and steel shank in the sole. The heavy leather is double layered around the ankles and on the toe to offer additional abrasion resistance and hardiness. The tongue is made of a softer, more flexible leather for comfort while walking and riding. A leather midfoot strap keeps the shoe laces in check and adds an extra element of One Thousand style.

These boots have a sturdy sole and stable feel for the bike, but are quite comfortable to walk around in. The leather is soft in the right places, and tougher in the ones where it counts, like on the toe and lower parts of the sides. But they also look great, maybe even better than the shoes you’re wearing right now. And if you miss Shift’s much-loved but no longer available Shift Kicker shoes, these are the best boots we’ve found to take their place.

Explore the brand: get ready for leather, guns, bikes, and lethal prose at http://icon1000.com/.

Icon 1000 Truant Boots

  • Constructed with heat pressed, molded leather
  • A cast metal buckle and adjustable midfoot stabilizer strap holds shoelaces in place and adds to secure fit
  • Sewn-in polyurethane ankle sliders on inside and outside of ankles
  • Features a reinforced toe box and steel shank in the sole
  • Available in Johnny Black and Oiled Brown in sizes 6-14
  • Price: $200


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