Held Thrux EVO Gloves

Posted on: October 28th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

One of the finest pairs of gloves under the $200 mark, Held’s Thrux EVO gloves are five star gloves from the inside out. Thanks to the second-to-none fit that made Held one of the world’s favorite riding glove brands, these highly protective sport gloves feel like a second skin.

A super-soft and supple kangaroo leather palm provides a high level of tactile transfer between your hands and the controls. Exterior stitching around the fingers ensures a comfortable and smooth feel even after hours of intense riding. Flex panels are integrated around the thumb and on the tops of the fingers, as well as on the top of the hand for ease of movement and prolonged comfort.

Kevlar® lines the top of the EVOs for abrasion resistance, and temper foam impact absorption pads are integrated along the thumb and on the top of the hand. The EVOs also feature Superfabric® on the base of the palm, tops of pinky and ring fingers, and on the outside of the wrist gauntlet. Superfabric® is 14 times more abrasion resistant than Kevlar® and many kinds of traditional leather, but is still incredibly light and flexible.

Held Thrux EVO Gloves

  • Highly abrasion resistant kangaroo leather palm and supple cowhide back
  • Colorfast and sweat-resistant
  • Flat seam around fingers for comfort
  • Velcro® adjustment at wrists and cuffs
  • Elasticated leather panels on top, thumb and fingers
  • Visor wipe on left hand
  • Hard plastic knuckle protection
  • Kevlar® protection lines the top of hand
  • Side of hand covered reinforced with Superfabric® and double-layered leather
  • Superfabric® reinforcement on tops of fingers fingers, palm, and gauntlet


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