Heidenau K60 Scout

Posted on: August 1st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA 2 Comments

This German company’s tires have been rolling with riders around the world for decades, and have been a lesser-known secret weapon among North America’s adventure and enduro riders for years. Heidenau is proud of their high-quality, small-batch manufacturing process, and for over fifty years they’ve successfully adapted to the changing needs of the tire world while maintaining their commitment to the traditional. Look to Heidenau for fine sidecar tires, classic enduro and vintage tires, along with modern street, touring, sport, motocross, scooter tires, and more.

 K60 Scout

Heidenau has earned a dedicated following stateside with their K60 Scout, and Road Rider is proud to offer Bay Area adventure and dual sport riders this world-class 50/50 street and offroad option. Not to be confused with the K60, the dimensions of the tread pattern on the K60 Scout change with the tire size so the tread offers more contact on the street with the best offroad performance for your bike. K60s are an excellent tire choice for dual sports and larger adventure-touring models like KTMs, BMWs, and Triumphs that regularly ride offroad.

The Scout has become somewhat famous for its significantly longer wear life than other 50/50 tires on the market. By using their own unique compound and blocky chevron-shaped tread design, Heidenau has designed an adventure tire that you’ll love to ride in the dirt, mud, and gravel and rain, but with thousands and thousands of miles of tread and stable street handling. Expect some vibration and buzz at low speeds, but less of it than you’ll get from other tires with equivalent offroad abilities.

We are currently stocking Heidenau K60 Scouts, but please contact our Tire Shop to order other Heidenau Tires. See www.heidenautires.com for more models and brand information!

K60 Scout Rear

  • 4.00-18 64T TT
  • 140/80-17 69T TL
  • 140/80-18 70S TT
  • 130/80-17 65T TL
  • 150-70 B17 69T TL
  • 150/70 B18 70T TL

K60 Scout Front

  • 90/90-21 54T TL (K60 Scout)
  • 110/80 B19 59T TL (K60 Scout)
  • 100/90-19 57H TL (K60)
  • 120/90-17 68T TT (K60)
  • 120/90-18 71T TL (K60)

(TT-tube tire, TL-tubeless)


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2 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    How do the K60 Scouts handle on the road in the rain?

    I have bought a BMWF650GS with these great tyres on and we are entering our rainy season.

    Should I consider replacing them?

    Please advise

    • Road Rider MCA says:

      Being dual sport tires, the K60s won’t be as smooth on the road or as stable in the wet as a more street-oriented tire, but you probably have them on there for a reason and want that offroad capability they offer, too. You should be comfortable on the road in the rain with the Heidenaus because the tread pattern maintains a lot of tire contact with the ground and those channels will carry water away from the center quite well. I’d say for a tire with that much offroad ability, you’ll still find they handle pretty well on the road. Give it a go!