Go Cruise Throttle Locks

Posted on: August 21st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA 1 Comment

Give your throttle hand a break on your next long ride with a Go Cruise Throttle Lock. Go Cruise makes simple, effective, and quality throttle control devices that hold your throttle open safely and reliably – effectively giving you a cruise control option on your motorcycle. Our throttle locks by Go Cruise are customer favorites because of their straightforward design and ease of use.

Simply fit your Go Cruise around the inside edge of your throttle-side grip with the length of the Go Cruise positioned towards the front of the bike. The Go Cruise will fit firmly around your grip but you will still be able to easily push it into position when you are ready to set your cruise control speed. When you reach your desired cruising speed, push the length of the Go Cruise forward with your index finger so it rests against the brake lever – now the Go Cruise is set and the throttle stays open by itself. To deactivate your Go Cruise, just push your throttle forward towards the closed position.

See below to read what our own Harley-Davidson specialist, Dusty, had to say when he put his Go Cruise to the test on a round trip weekend ride to Vancouver.

Standard Go Cruise 1” or 7/8”

  • Available in Black or Chrome Aluminum and small (7/8”) or large (1”) sizes
  • Includes a silicone ring that can be used to increase friction between your grip and the device
  • Easy installation, no tool required

Go Cruise Standard Black

Check out the new Aluminum Universal Go Cruise! It’s CNC-machined from aluminum alloy and features an all new tension gear that adjusts the tension around the handlebar for a perfect fit around any size grip.

Universal Aluminum Go Cruise

  • Tension gear provides a universal fit for any grip size and allows for a customized tension and fit around your grip
  • Available in Black or Chrome Aluminum
  • Includes a silicone ring that can be used to increase friction between your grip and the device
  • Fits virtually all aftermarket grips, including chrome grips, as long as your throttle grip has ⅜ of an inch of smooth surface around the innermost left side to seat the silicone ring
  • Easy installation, no tool required
  • Designed for easy one hand operation
  • Can be attached or removed easily in six seconds with a single hand

Go Cruise Universal Adjusting


Standard Go Cruise in action:

webBikeWorld.com video review of the standard Go Cruise:

Go Cruise would like to remind you:

Improper installation and/or use of the throttle control could result in serious injury or death,
as is the case with any other motorcycle specific part or accessory.

DO NOT take your hands off the handlebars
DO NOT use in traffic
DO NOT use in congested residential or urban areas
DO NOT use when precise speed changes are required
DO NOT use if you are an inexperienced rider
DO NOT use with any other cruise control device
DO NOT use until you are thoroughly familiar with the operation of the throttle control
Disengage your Go Cruise Throttle Control when going down hills

One Response

  1. Road Rider MCA says:


    When we first brought this product into the store, I have to admit I had my doubts about it. How could this little piece of plastic hold my throttle steady at speed with the typical vibration you get traveling at highway speeds.

    I was taking a ride to Vancouver, B.C. Canada from May 9th through May 14th and thought this would be the perfect time to put a Go Cruise to the test.

    Installation is rather simple, after buying the correct size for your handlebars (7/8th or 1 inch) take the unit and spread it just far enough to slip over the throttle. Then rotate it forward until it rests upon the brake lever, very easy.

    While riding, when your desired speed is attained, press the Go Cruise down with your index finger until it contacts the brake lever. This holds the throttle in position; to disengage the unit, simply roll the throttle forward.

    During my first tries to used the Go Cruise, it was a bit hard to find the sweet spot for the speed I wanted to stay at. I found that setting the throttle a bit past where I wanted to be, then rolling the throttle off just a bit until I found that sweet spot worked best.

    I combined this with a Throttle Rocker throttle assist so I could completely relax my hand for hours at a time. While going up hills, a small twist of the throttle kept me at speed, downhills sometimes needed a bit of roll off but the Go Cruise was easily reset and I was happily on down the road.

    I highly recommend both of these products, the Go Cruise and the Throttle Rocker. If you do not want to spend big money for an electronic cruise control, or your bike just can’t have one installed on it, this combination is a great, inexpensive alternative.

    Review By Dusty
    Road Rider Harley-Davidson Specialist