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Whatever roads you travel and wherever you’re headed next, Givi wants to tag along. And there’s no question that you’ll find Givi pulling its own weight. Givi offers Italian-designed and -manufactured motorcycle accessories, from windscreens and crash bars to, of course, their world-renowned and well-traveled luggage systems.

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Givi has a huge selection of top cases, side cases, and mounting systems. All Givi hard cases will keep your goods safe and secure, and are lockable, waterproof, and dustproof. They can be quickly and easily removed from the mounting plate with the single key. Various accessories are available, including brake light kits, inner bags, and parts for custom bikes.

Come by the store to take a closer look and explore our luggage display. We love to help, too, so check with us for more information about features, bike-specific mounts, and accessories.


B33 Monokey E55 Tech Monokey

The Givi Monokey line of top cases and side cases comes in variety of capacities, and is super heavy-duty and sturdy. They are great for everyday riding, but willingly prove their mettle on touring expeditions and during rugged adventure riding. They use bike-specific, three-point mounting systems that bolt to the frame of the bike for a sturdier connection and more equal weight displacement.

New Monokey! Givi E55-N Lux A with Integrated Brake Light and Keyless Entry Remote

Givi’s newest top box design introduces keyless entry to the Monokey luggage line. The E55-N Lux A is a 55-liter top case, and it comes equipped with integrated LED brake lights and a keyless entry remote. Click here for complete information.

E55-N LuxKeyless Entry Remote

Monokey Trekker Side Cases and Top Cases


Trekker Monokey Cases are made with an aluminum finish and Givi’s super-durable, heavy-duty plastic. Either of the two sizes of Trekker cases can be used as a top case or a side case at any time (if you have the mounts), which makes them incredibly versatile and convenient. Access to your luggage is easy too, because the Trekker cases can be opened fully or partially at the top.


E260 Micro 2 Monolock

The Givi Monolock line of top cases is a perfect choice for the scooter rider, daily commuter, and the about-towner. Monolock top cases are designed to be lightweight and easy to mount. As such, they don’t have the weight capacity of the Monokey line, and their ideal use is for shorter rides that don’t require packing a lot of heavy gear. They have a two point mounting system, and they all come with a universal mount that can be attached to any flat surface on your bike. Bike specific mounts are also available.


Givi makes a huge selection of windscreens and spoilers for all bike types and models. Model-specific and universal options are available for sport bikes, scooters, cruisers, tourers, and everything in between. Having the right windscreen for the job can dramatically improve your riding experience. Givi considers bike looks and riders’ tastes when developing their windscreens. As a result, they offer a wide array of options, but they’re all going to enhance your aerodynamics and comfort on the road.

Sportbike Spoiler Universal Screen

Engine Guards

Don’t mess about! Get an engine guard to protect your rig in the event of a spill or tip-over.

Engine Guard


Did you know that Road Rider was the first dealer in the United States to sell Givi?

Givi Major Award

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  1. Mike McCoy says:

    I am looking for saddlebag liners. Do you carry the Givi T443 in stock. Can I purchase from your store?

    • Road Rider MCA says:

      We don’t stock those regularly but we can definitely get them for you direct from Givi. I’ve sent you an email with some more information. Thanks!