Get Scanned For Your Bell Custom-Fit Star or Moto 9

BY Road Rider MCA - October 26th, 2015

The Bell Custom Fit Program is not yet available for the 2016 Bell Stars or the Moto-9 Flex. Custom fit availability for these new helmet models is expected by summer 2016.

Standard Moto-9 and the previous model Star are still available through the custom fit program. You can also get scanned now and Bell will store your data for a later date when the new models are available with the custom option.

More information will be available soon. -Road Rider 3/2016

NEXT ROAD RIDER SCANNING DATE: Contact us and let us know you want to get scanned (408-227-6936 or!

Using 3-D images taken by their one-of-a-kind head scanner, the Bell custom-fit Star and Moto-9 helmets are built to conform precisely to a rider’s unique head shape. This technology isn’t just for the pros anymore; it’s for anyone who wants the best possible fit from their helmet–a rider’s most vital piece of safety gear.

The custom-fit head scanner is still only available at special events like this, so even if you’re only thinking about getting a custom helmet now, you can get scanned now and order your helmet later. Getting scanned is free and Bell can keep your scan on file until you’re ready to use it.


What Custom Bell Owners Are Saying About Bell Custom-Fit Bell Star Custom-Fit Helmet Review:

“It feels like I could wear this for hours at a clip with no problems at all — something I can not say about any other helmet I’ve tried.”…

Bay Area Rider’s Forum (BARF) Bell Custom Carbon Star Review by Budman:

“This is the best fitting helmet I have ever worn. I actually think I will need haircuts a little more often because of it..! A+.”…


Important Information About Scanning

We schedule several scanning dates throughout the year. We encourage you to call (408-227-6936) or email us ( for an appointment if you are interested in getting scanned on an upcoming scanning date. Appointments will be made in half-hour blocks. Drop-ins are also welcome, but making an appointment will reduce your wait time.
Riders who plan on getting scanned for the Moto-9 should bring their goggles. How you wear your goggles will influence the results of the scan and the final shape and fit of your helmet.





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