Forcefield Super-Lite Back Inserts

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Upgrade your current jacket or significantly increase the safety chops of your brand new one by replacing the stock foam back pad with a Forcefield Super-Lite Back Insert. The excellent Super-Lite Back Inserts are lightweight, breathable, and very flexible, so they’ll give your jacket extremely comfortable and hardly noticeable CE-certified back armor.

Super-Lite Back Inserts are constructed with independent layers of Forcefield’s patented PVC grid material, Nitrex Evo®. Nitrex Evo® is a highly shock-absorbing, soft, flexible material. Its beehive-like structure supports superior impact absorption and dispersion, as well as allowing Forcefield’s armor to be incredibly light, and breathable.

One of the three available insert sizes will fit smoothly into the back protector pocket of most jackets, but you’ll get the best fit by visiting Road Rider and trying them out in your current or future jacket. We can explain feature and safety differences between all our back inserts as you try them on, as well as the advantages and uses for different style back protection.

Forcefield Super-Lite Back Inserts

  • Available in three sizes:

Model   Max Height     Max Width
001          385mm               285mm
002          445mm               340mm
003          425mm               270mm


  • CE approved to CE EN1621-2:2003 (Level 1)
  • Extremely light, flexible and breathable
  • Nitrex Evo® construction offers RPT (Repeat Performance Technology) to ensure the ultimate protection is given even after multiple impacts
  • The perfect replacement back protector insert when available space and depth is limited


Back armor basics:

Most motorcycle jackets include removable CE-certified armor in the elbows and shoulders, so you know the armor has been tested to meet a certain standard for withstanding impact. Unfortunately, the vast majority of motorcycle jackets sold do not come with a CE-certified back protector. So when you’re buying a new jacket, it’s a great idea to fit it with a new back armor upgrade as well. Or, if you’d like to upgrade your current jacket of any brand, bring it into the store to test out the feel and fit of a variety of CE-certified back protectors, including a Forcefield Super-Lite Back Insert.

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