Firstgear 90W Heated Jacket Liner

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All the heated gear users of California will tell you, heated jacket liners aren’t just for the die-hard riders of Minnesota. Even in our relatively mild winters, it can take many layers and a very heavy jacket to keep you going comfortably and safely on the morning commute, or on those long rides through the forest and along the coast. But a Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner is all it takes to master the microclimates, and when you wear this thin and comfortable layer under your riding jacket, YOU control your temperature.

Firstgear’s 90-watt Heated Jacket Liner can be adjusted to provide temperatures that range from sauna-like to gently toasty. A temperature controller, such as a Firstgear Heat-Troller (sold separately), will enable you to modulate the jacket’s impressive heat range. The jacket liner also features attachment cables for optional heated gloves and pants, and the cables stow away nicely in zippered pockets when not in use.

If you’ve never used heated gear before, visit us to try some out and see how it works. When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through the system. Getting started is really easy. Click HERE to read our Heated Gear Guide.

Firstgear 90W Heated Jacket Liner

  • Form fitting, snug fit for optimum heat transfer to body
  • Flex panels and action back allow full range of movement
  • Lightweight soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, non-coated finish for maximum breathability
  • Designed to be temperature neutral for comfortable, all-day wear under a riding jacket
  • Jacket packets into its own zippered pouch
  • Fleece inner collar wicks away moisture
  • Heating pads on front, upper and lower back, sleeves and collar for full heat coverage
  • Integrated glove plugs and pant plug stow in their own zippered pockets when not in use
  • Extra durable coaxial plug connectors
  • Approximately 7 amps and 90 watts at 12.8 volts (65-watt Firstgear Jacket Liners available for special order)
  • Manufactured by Warm and Safe Heated Gear for Firstgear


  • Available in men’s sizes S-2XL
  • Available in women’s sizes XS-2XL
  • On/off switch, temperature controllers, and other accessories sold separately

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