Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

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Glove liners are an inexpensive way to get warm and still ride with the protection and comfort of your favorite, non-heated gloves. Firstgear Heated Glove Liners are made of thin and stretchy polyester so they fit underneath your riding gloves to keep you toasty on those bitter-cold winter mornings. Stop by Road Rider and try out Firstgear’s glove liners under your own gloves at our heating station.

Like other heated apparel, Firstgear Heated Glove Liners get extremely warm and should be used with a heat controller. If you’ve never used heated gear before, visit us to try some out and see how it works. When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through the system. Getting started is really easy. Click HERE to read our Heated Gear Guide.

Note: Firstgear Glove Liners do not come with any connection wiring. Battery harnesses, y-harnesses for your jacket sleeves, temperature controllers, on/off switches, and other accessories are sold separately at Road Rider.

Firstgear Heated Glove Liners

  • Actively heat your favorite non-heated pair of riding gloves
  • Constructed with stretch poly fabric that is thin, light and comfortable
  • 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend ensures a close, clinging fit for maximum comfort and heat transfer
  • Heating elements and wiring are warrantied for life from defects
  • 1.6 amps, 27 watts


  • Available in XS, S/M, L/XL, and XXL
  • On/off switch, temperature controllers, and other accessories sold separately

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