Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Road Rider MCA

A Firstgear Portable Heat-Troller or equivalent temperature control device should be used any time you ride with heated gear on your motorcycle. Heated gear, such as a Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner or pair of Gerbing’s Heated Gloves, is powered by your bike’s battery and will typically have an extremely hot maximum temperature, well exceeding 100° F. A Heat-Troller will enable you to easily and conveniently adjust your gear’s temperature level as you ride to suit the conditions and keep you comfortable.

Heat-Trollers are available in dual or single versions. A dual controller has two separate adjustment knobs that enable the rider to control the temperature of two different items independently, such as a pair of gloves and a jacket. A single controller has one knob, and the heat level of all the rider’s items will be adjusted together. If you use or are planning to ever use more than one piece of heated gear at once, we recommend initially purchasing the dual controller. Some parts of your body will lose heat much more quickly than others so, for example, a comfortable heat setting for your hands will be quite different than a comfortable setting for your torso or legs.

One or two of your Heat-Troller’s cables will attach to your heated gear, and the remaining one will connect your gear to the bike’s battery using the included battery harness. If you’ve never used heated gear before, visit us to try some out and see how it works. When you’re ready, we’ll walk you through the system. Getting started is really easy. Click HERE to read our Heated Gear Guide.

Firstgear Heat-Troller Temperature Controller

  • Electronic, solid-state design coupled with analog control for a full range of heat with minimum power loss
  • Flashing L.E.D. indicates on/off, power level, and polarity
    • Red L.E.D. indicates unit is connected correctly
    • Yellow L.E.D. indicates that the polarity is reversed
  • Heat-troller is waterproof and can be left on the bike in the rain
  • Included fused battery harness is easy to install and made of automotive-grade wire that is resistant to oil, acid, water, and grime
  • Compatible with 12-volt heated gear that uses coaxial-style connectors (most heated gear brands currently use coaxial connectors, so electrical accessories are interchangeable between brands)
  • Internal reset protects heated gear against damage from overloads and shorts

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