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Dunlop Sportmax Q2

Posted on: April 21st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

The Dunlop Sportmax Q2 is an excellent dual-compound street and track sport tire that will give aggressive riders in either setting a fun ride in the corners. Look to the Q2s if you like to tear up the twisties or hit the track on the weekends with a track-oriented tire, but need one that will hold up to day-to-day riding during the week.

The Q2 rear tires are molded with a taller and steeper profile known as Dunlop’s Intuitive Response Profile (IRP). IRP reduces tire contact area on the straightaways and increases it at increasing lean angles. This means the rider feels a more consistent contact patch throughout the turn for better feel and cornering ability.

The Multi-Tread dual-compound technology of the Q2s also helps to deliver the best of both worlds. The harder center compound provides long-life and better performance during straight acceleration, and the softer lateral-grip compound on the sides offers excellent traction and grip in the corners.

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Dunlop Sportmax Q2

  • Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology in the rear tire intuitively allows greater latitude in line choice while cornering and provides amazingly linear steering at various lean angles
  • IRP puts down a bigger footprint at extreme lean angles while also allowing greater lean angles and higher corner speeds for enhanced grip and handling
  • Multi-Tread rear tire incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire tread and a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder to enhance cornering performance and help provide class-leading grip and feel
  • Carcass construction incorporates technology that enhances steering response and cornering stability


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