Drayko Riding Jeans

Posted on: January 27th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

In 2007, a 32 kilometer tether connected a satellite orbiting Earth to a capsule set to reenter the atmosphere at a predetermined trajectory. This tether was made of an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber called Dyneema.

“Space exploration is nice, but what about motorcycle riders?” thought the folks at Drayko Motorcycle Jeans. So, they decided to weave Dyneema and Military Grade Kevlar together to get the world’s toughest and first CE-rated riding jeans. We think that’s pretty neat, so we are pleased to carry a full size run of men’s and women’s Drayko Riding Jeans.

Drayko’s unique woven blend of Dyneema and Kevlar creates a riding jean with an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio, and Drayko Jeans meet and exceed the CE requirement for burst, tear, and road abrasion resistance. Based on the CE system of measuring road abrasion resistance per second, Drayko jeans are the only jeans that tested at 4.4 seconds, which is double that of the best of other brands of riding jeans and triple that of many others.

Dyneema has an abrasion resistance much higher than many carbon steel metals and a yield strength equal to high-strength steel; Drayko says their blend is ten times stronger than steel. Other riding jeans have their inferior Kevlar panels only on the knees and rear area, but Drayko’s Kevlar/Dyneema protection panels line a larger area which includes the sides of the legs.

Drayko Jeans are tough, and yet they are also soft, breathable, and flexible. The Women’s Drift is a low-rise, relaxed fit jean available in a distressed blue denim. The Men’s Renegade is a relaxed fit, regular waist jean with a slight boot cut for riders. They are available in Black and Indigo, and we have a wide variety of sizes. We have found that these jeans run a bit big but fit a variety of shapes very well.

Reinforced riding jeans are a comfortable alternative to a fully armored leather or textile riding pant, and these jeans look fantastic as well. If getting suited up isn’t always on your agenda, these jeans are a casual-looking and comfortable way to get protection you can wear all day long.

Drayko Riding Jeans

  • Made with a knitted blend of Military Grade Kevlar and Dyneema
  • Withstand road abrasion for a minimum of 4.4 seconds, exceeding CE standards
  • Provide twice the road abrasion resistance of other top brands, and almost three times that of many brands of riding jeans
  • Protective panels line the jeans in more coverage areas, including the sides of the legs
  • Soft, breathable, and flexible
  • Comfortable, relaxed rider’s fit


  • Men’s Renegade in Black or Indigo, waist sizes 28 to 44 with 34” inseam
  • Women’s Drift in Indigo, sizes 4-12

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