Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Covers

Posted on: January 25th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

Motorcyclists are generally a hardy people. We roll with the punches, we walk it off, we don’t sweat the small stuff. But it’s hard not to tear up a little bit when we see a motorcycle left out in the elements without a cover. We need fewer tears in this world, so protect your bike, starting now, with a Guardian WeatherAll motorcycle cover by Dowco.

Guardian has three covers, each available in different sizes, in its Weatherall family:

Guardian WeatherAll

The basic Guardian WeatherAll Cover is made with medium-weight polyester and is water resistant. It works best for motorcyclists concerned with keeping out dust, debris, and only heavy water. The basic WeatherAll does allow some water to penetrate through to the bike.

WeatherAll Plus

The WeatherAll Plus is completely waterproof, heavy-duty and fade-resistant. Arguably the most quality cover available, the WeatherAll Plus will keep all water and debris out, while the Moisture Guard Venting will prevent mildew by allowing moisture to escape. The WeatherAll Plus will prevent water entry entirely, even when water pools.

WeatherAll Plus EZ Zip

For those of you with baggers and largecruisers, the Guardian WeatherAll Plus EZ Zip is the hassle-free way to cover your bike. Simply unzip the cover and pull it onto the bike before zipping it back up. Constructed almost identically to to the WeatherAll Plus, the EZ Zip just makes the process of putting it on much easier. Dowco realized that if their product isn’t easy-to-use, it won’t get used. Start using one today and keep your bike clean, protected, and ready for your next ride.

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