D3o T5 Replacement Armor

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British-based company D3o leads the way in the march towards safer, lighter, and more user-friendly CE-rated body armor. D3o is made from an advanced polymer material that hardens on impact, allowing thin and flexible protectors to provide impact protection that exceeds CE rating standards.

As a part of their efforts to develop gear that is evermore comfortable and natural looking for the rider, leading apparel manufacturers like Firstgear and Icon have adopted D3o brand armor. Icon was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the advantages of D3o, and it has been a main component in their Stryker vests and limb protectors for years. Icon’s 1000 Collection of jackets and pants uses D3o armor exclusively in the knees, shoulders, hips and elbows. D3o can also be found in Firstgear’s high-end Kathmandu series of jackets and pants, as well as in the Kilimanjaro Jacket.

D3o manufactures replacement shoulder, elbow, and back pads that fit the armor pockets of many jackets. Road Rider stocks D3o replacement armor shaped perfectly for Icon brand jackets, but it will fit neatly in a variety of other jackets, as well.

Give your jacket a lighter feel and a more low-profile look with the latest in armor technology from D3o.



  • Shoulder inserts (per pair): $20.00
  • Elbow inserts (per pair): $20.00
  • Back insert: $25.00

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