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Our bikes are our faithful friends- trusty, hard-working, sometimes better dressed than their owners.

But not always.

Check out Road Rider’s new motorcycle cleaning and detailing products by Cycle Care. They’re great for those of you out there every Sunday morning, bright and early, cleaning and polishing, as well as those of us who drag a damp paper towel over our dusty seat once a month. Cycle Care offers a full line of detailing products made for riders by riders. And it’s manufactured in the United States.

Cycle Care began in 1992, and over the course of the last two decades has tested and developed their products by detailing, detailing, and detailing motorcycles all over the country at rallies, bike shows, and exhibitions.

They have a solution for almost all your cosmetic issues. Bluing or golding exhaust pipes? Formula M. Windshield clouding? Formula 3. Burned on rubber, boot marks, or flash rust on chrome? Formula 3 or 33. Want rain to bead off your windshield? 3, 33 or W.

Check the Cycle Care website for more ideas and to read the testimonials.

Here are a couple of popular items:

Product 22

A “spray, rinse, and ride” bike wash, Product 22 won’t strip polish, won’t damage your clear coat, leather, or powder coating, and it won’t stain aluminum. It’s a safe, easy-to-use, all-purpose bike wash.

  • Retail Price: $15.99

Ruff Cutt Formula

The Ruff Cutt Formula is a no-gloss spray-and-wash detailer for denim and matte paint finishes. It protects your paint from bugs, dirt, and tree sap, and makes cleaning off dirt and debris easy and safe. Like it says on their website, “You can feel the protection – but, you can’t see it!”

Beyond these surfaces, Ruff Cutt can also be used as a cleaner on windshields, plastics, and chrome, and it works as a water repellent on plastics, too.

  • Retail Price: $6.99


Suitable for any surface on your bike, SafeClean Silver and Black Motor Clean and Stain Remover is a cleaner and degreaser that returns motors to their factory finish. Biodegradable and safe to use on aluminum and chrome, SafeClean is great for cleaning cooling fins and motors. It dissolves road grime, grease, and oil and removes stains.

  • Retail Price: $14.99

Prices and selection may vary. Please click here to learn more about pricing and availability.


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