Clymer Service Manuals

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Clymer Service Manuals are detailed and easy to understand guides that cover everything from nuts and bolts to troubleshooting and major repairs. With step-by-step instructions to tasks accompanied by an abundance of photographs and diagrams, Clymer Manuals enable you to perform both basic and more advanced work on your own bike. Each model-specific manual covers all your bike’s systems and parts, including the electrical system (complete with wiring diagrams), transmission, chassis, suspension, motor, and routine maintenance.

So why buy a third party guide like a Clymer manual instead of the manufacturer’s service manual? Service manuals prepared by bike manufacturers are typically significantly more expensive and they are also intended for use by experienced mechanics – so the information is denser and there are fewer helpful photos and hints. Clymer Manuals cover subjects thoroughly and clearly with the weekend mechanic in mind.

Road Rider has dozens of Clymer Manuals in stock that cover a wide selection of popular American and metric bikes.

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