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So maps have lost a bit of ground over the years, but lots of motorcyclists still think paper beats smartphone every time, or at least they rely on using a combination of both technologies. It’s handy to have a few different maps on each trip- a highway map, a regional map that shows local roads, and a backwoods map(s) with fire road trail numbers and small natural landmarks. But even if you never go off the pavement, there are still times when the perspective of a paper map will provide the very best orientation, as well as the very best INSPIRATION for where you’re headed next.

That’s why we love Butler Maps. Information you’d normally have to derive from multiple maps comes together all in one. And Butler Maps highlight seductive roads you’ve probably never even heard of, and they are all tried, tested, and certified fun by other motorcyclists. Look for Butler Maps’ Northern California map and their separate Southern California map at Road Rider.

Here’s why Butler Maps are so awesome:

  • Butler Maps are made specifically for motorcyclists, and they reflect the efforts of all the different kinds of riders who collaborated to bring them together.
  • They show highways, local roads, noteable dirt connector roads, elevations, even fire road numbers, and all on one map.
  • They provide separate detailed sections of the areas with the highest density of the best roads, so you’ll almost always have a close-up map of the area you’re headed to.
  • They are waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • The best roads for motorcyclists are highlighted, including all the well-known roads like Highway 1 as well as tons and tons of lesser known ones like our local Mines Road.
  • The highlighted ‘Gold Roads’ are the top 77 best roads in Nor Cal for motorcyclists. Have you ever heard of Cecilville Road? It’s one of the many Gold routes that you’ll find waiting for you when you unfold a Butler.

Who will love Butler Maps:

  • Touring, cruiser, sport, adventure, dual sport, and every kind of rider in between
  • Riders who want to dive into the wealth of scenery, roads, and excellent motorcycling that California has to offer, with the confidence of being accompanied by a complete map resource
  • Riders who still think a “map quest” is the part of the journey when you have to fold the map back up correctly

Explore the brand: Butler Maps

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