Bridgestone S20 Battlax

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The newest member of Bridgestone’s Battlax series of street tires is the S20 tires, which present across-the-board improvements over the BT-016. Aggressive street tires that will also make a respectable showing on the track, the S20s have an impressive warm-up time, even in the cold. They offer better cornering, wet performance, and mileage over the BT-016s.

The improved compound structure of the S20 and wider tread grooves mean an increased running contact pressure and contact surface. This translates to more precise cornering and more consistent grip in high and low lean angles, as well as in wet weather and cold conditions.

The S20s won’t offer the same high-mileage performance as some other street tires out there, but they will be a huge improvement for more aggressive riders looking for a fast warm up time and improved cornering and grip.

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Bridgestone S20 Battlax

  • New tread pattern with wider grooves for better cornering
  • Quick warm-up in wet and cold conditions
  • More ground contact area at all lean angles
  • New compound structure designed to improve handling while adding mileage
  • Soft center and firm sidewall compounds for consistent grip


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