Avon Gripster

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Avon’s Gripster (AM24) tires are an excellent tire option for part-time trail riders on dual sport and light adventure bikes. Offering an optimal balance between smoothness on the street and off-road capability, the Gripsters are pegged as 60% on-road, 40% off-road tires. They’ve been the go-to choice for the likes of DRZ, KLR, and GS riders for decades because they miraculously offer precisely enough handling in both worlds to be ideal performers all-around.

Avon’s Gripster tires won’t disappoint on the street, and are surprisingly stable and quiet. They corner smoothly and evenly, and the tread is hardly noticeable at freeway speeds. And when you’ve managed to eke out some spare weekend time to go beyond the bounds of the pavement, you’ll find excellent handling in dry off-road conditions thanks to the distinctive arrowhead-shaped tread pattern.

Avon Gripster

  • Rugged and reliable on/off-roader
  • Distinctive computer-optimized, arrow-headed tread pattern
  • Suitable for use on both paved roads and dirt tracks
  • Designed for mid-range trail bikes
  • 60% on-road, 40% off-road


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