Arai Pro Shade

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The Arai Pro Shade offers riders a helmet sun shade option that works seamlessly with Arai helmets as a drop-down tinted visor and helmet peak. The Pro Shade is sold as a complete visor system, with the adjustable tinted upper shade attached to a clear MAX-V Brow Vented Pinlock shield. Simply replace your current Arai visor with the Pro Shade visor system. The tinted shade can be worn in the ‘down’ position over the main clear visor to replicate the effect of a dark-tint visor, or worn in the ‘up’ position to block overhead sun, where it locks into place to create a secure and aerodynamic sun peak.

The Pro Shade is Arai’s response to the increasing popularity of the internal drop-down sun visor feature that can now be found in a variety of helmets made by other manufacturers. Such internal drop-down visors are stored in a slot cut within the forehead section of the helmet’s shell, behind the main visor. Because of this design, manufacturers must make the forehead section of the shell much thicker and build it out to compensate for the visor slot. More commonly, this is not done, and the forehead area is simply made thinner and weaker with the addition of the drop-down visor feature. Arai has taken the time necessary to develop an alternative design that they feel does not sacrifice the rider’s safety, and is also in keeping with Arai’s commitment to maintain small, smooth, and rounded shells that maximize impact dispersal and deflection.

The Pro Shade operates very smoothly and can be adjusted easily with one hand while riding. The peak option is an added bonus you don’t get with an internal drop-down sun visor, and is perfect for reducing the sun’s glare without losing visibility in intermittent low-light/high-sun situations like riding through the mountains. If you want the option to ride without the small, tinted portion of the Pro Shade, it can be removed from the main visor rather quickly. The side plates holding it in place can be removed, allowing you to remove the tinted visor and re-install the side plates onto the main MAX-V visor.

The Arai Pro Shade fits the Vector 2, Signet-Q, Defiant, Corsair V, RX-Q.

Price: $100.95

Also Available:

The new Arai Signet-Q Pro-Tour and Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise come equipped with an Arai Pro Shade.

Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise 

Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Black Frost

Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Mimetic GreenArai Defiant Pro Cruise Bold RedArai Defiant Pro Cruise Bold

Arai Signet-Q Pro-Tour

Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour Black Frost

Arai Signet Q Pro Tour Tactical White Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour Tactical Green Arai Signet Q Pro Tour Scheme Blue Arai Signet Q Pro Tour Scheme Green



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