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Posted on: November 1st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

From conception to production, the Arai Defiant helmet was made with tourers, cruisers, and naked bike riders in mind; to deliver aerodynamics and venting that significantly reduce turbulence, noise, and buffeting in an upright riding position. The Defiant takes its place alongside Arai’s RX-Q, with its same unmatched street performance and safety features, but the Defiant delivers an even more comfortable and quiet ride for the rest of us.

The Defiant’s ventilation system provides maximum airflow when riding upright, while Arai’s newly designed intake and exhaust vents minimize drag and noise when vents are open and closed. Like the RX-Q, Signet-Q, and Corsair V, the Defiant’s shield features brow vents that channel air down to the temples and around the ears. Brow vents provide airflow through the front of the helmet and do not require cutting vents through the forehead of the shell. Such vent cutting weakens a key impact area of the shell and is something that Arai says it will never do to its helmets.

Like its Arai siblings, the keystone of each handmade Defiant is Arai’s uncompromising, proprietary R75 aerospace fiberglass shell. The distinctive R75 shell design achieves the pinnacle of real world rider protection, and is built on foundational strength, roundness, and smoothness. These core principles are fundamental to the way Arai has developed helmets since the beginning, and they act together to divert full impact forces and efficiently disperse those remaining. The round Arai shell, furthermore, has a low center of gravity that reduces fatigue and contributes to the incredible comfort enjoyed by Arai riders.

The Defiant comes stock with a Pinlock® shield and Pinlock® visor. Usually an optional upgrade, Pinlock® is considered by many to be the most straightforward and comprehensive fog solution available. It works by trapping a small amount of air between your visor and the thin Pinlock insert.

Pro Cruise Edition

The Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise (and Signet-Q Pro Tour) come equipped with an Arai Pro Shade.

Arai Defiant

  • Shell made with Arai’s Super Complex Laminate Construction for added strength and bending resistance, 40% greater than standard fiberglass
  • FCS layered cheek pads can peeled away for extra room and a customized fit, and provide ideal firmness around the jaw with comfort and softness on the cheeks and ears
  • Unique chin spoiler at the base of the helmet guides wind around the neck and prevents buffeting and lift, thus reducing wind noise and turbulence
  • Brow vents channel air to the temple area, reportedly cooling the blood travelling through the temporal artery to the brain
  • Intermediate oval internal shape
  • Redesigned to be more comfortable to put on and take off
  • Arai SAI Max Shield is 5mm wider on both sides offering excellent peripheral vision
  • New IC-4 Upper Intake vents seal more completely when closed
  • New ACR-4 flow thru exhaust vent allows greater air flow when open and reduces drag when closed
  • New water repellent material added along the bottom edge to keep you drier on rainy days
  • Deluxe Arai chin curtain
  • Large size weighs 3 lbs, 14 ounces
  • DOT and Snell 2010 certified
  • Available in XXS-3XL


  • MSRP: $619.95-$749.95 (standard solids and graphics); $669.95-$789.95 (Pro Cruise solids and graphics)
  • At Road Rider, Arai helmets are 10% off the MSRP price every day.

The Arai Defiant Pro-Cruise Series

Click here to read more about the Arai Pro Shade.

Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Black Frost Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Mimetic Green Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Bold Arai Defiant Pro Cruise Bold Red

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